Our Services

Our service offering is built on over fifteen years' experience of business research for the UK recruitment industry, its markets and its interactions with a changing economy.  We offer access to our long-established platform of industry knowledge as a subscription service whilst also providing a bespoke research consultancy for specifically tailored needs. We are now adding a third tier - individual sector monitor reports for 'pay as you' go purchases.

Agile Online

An in-depth subscription service incorporating a monthly recruitment report, a broad range of online reports and publications and further access to our knowledge base including a follow-up client service. 

Research Consultancy 

A bespoke service providing market research, analysis and reports.  We will take time to understand your organisation to ensure that our end product is tailored to your needs.

Coming soon - Sector Monitor 

A new service, currently under development, providing reports analysing market value, workforce and industry trends for specific recruitment candidate specialisations.

Agile and Intelligent

Our services are designed to provide business intelligence which enables more informed decision making. 

"An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest" 

Benjamin Franklin 1706 - 1790