Recruiter Hot 100 Companies 2017

Since last year's HOT 100 the uncertainty that was already dominating the political-economic landscape has not stabilised. If anything, it has heightened even further …

Over the years the HOT 100 analysis has enabled an understanding of past trends, while mapping likely future ones. This single key performance indicator (KPI) of gross profit per head/ employee (GPH) encompasses so much about how a company operates - measuring its ability to extract, sustainably, the optimum performance from its own people. We have again singled out the top 20 percentage gainers in productivity, giving an insight into new entrants and those with improving efficiency measures, providing an alternative perspective on the HOT 100 group of companies, which does not rely unduly upon a high value specialisation to maintain their ranking.

The recruitment companies in this year's HOT 100 can proudly claim to earn the most profit per head in the UK.

This report is also available in full as a pdf file from our Downloads page.