APSCo Scottish Business Forum June 2019

"Economic Uncertainty, Instability and a Stockpiling Boom - in these erratic times for both supply and demand of skills just what are the latest recruitment trends and can we assess their outlook?"

For many businesses disorder and change seem the only certainty ahead, albeit immeasurable, with economic forecasts understandably unreliable. Brexit stockpiling apart, the economy seems to be at a near standstill and business decision-making is often deferred.  Yet, despite this and an arguably weakening global outlook, the labour market continues to expand.  Can we make sense of it all and explain the impact upon the recruitment industry?

Amidst the continuing BREXIT turmoil, Agile Intelligence Director Sue Dodd takes stock of the current economic backdrop, size and profile of the recruitment industry and recent performance trends to provide a snapshot of growth, with an emphasis on the picture across Scotland.  From a position where 2018 growth exceeded most growth expectations driven by non-listed recruitment companies, Sue uses selected market drivers to provide a sales growth forecast for 2019.