APSCo Northern Business Forum February 2020

21 February 2020

Fresh from analysing the recruitment market and key trends to produce Recruiter's Hot 100 List for 2019, Sue's presentation to APSCo's Northern Business Forum provided invaluable data and insight into the national and regional market.

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APSCo Scottish Business Forum June 2019

05 July 2019

"Economic Uncertainty, Instability and a Stockpiling Boom - in these erratic times for both supply and demand of skills just what are the latest recruitment trends and can we assess their outlook?"

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APSCo Members’ Meeting January 2018

26 January 2018

Sue Dodd is a frequent speaker at APSCo meetings, and she started 2018 with a presentation analysing the key characteristics of the UK recruitment market.

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Recruiter Hot 100 Companies 2017

02 January 2017

Since last year's HOT 100 the uncertainty that was already dominating the political-economic landscape has not stabilised. If anything, it has heightened even further …

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Educational Supply : All Change (again)

04 October 2016

In October, Sue Dodd presented a summary of the key figures, trends and market assessment of Supply Staff to APSCo's Education Sector Group meeting.

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Recruiter Hot 100 Event

19 February 2015

In February, Sue Dodd presented a summary of the agile intelligence annual Hot 100 Report at The Recruiter Hot 100 Event. 

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Blank Canvas or Empty Promises

08 September 2014

At the APSCo meeting in Edinburgh in September, Sue Dodd presented an analysis of the recruitment industry in Scotland in the context of the wider UK market.

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APSCo Directors Forum

14 October 2013

In October, Sue Dodd was invited to present an analysis of and outlook for the recruitment industry to the APSCo Financial Directors Forum. 

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Back to the Future? Agile Intelligence presents to APSCo Finance Directors

10 October 2013

On 10th October Sue Dodd presented at APSCo's quarterly FD forum at RBS' Bishopsgate HQ on the current influences and trends in the recruitment market.

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Agile Intelligence presents at first APSCo Education Sector Group Meeting

11 March 2013

On 5th March Sue Dodd was the key presenter at APSCo's first Education Sector Group meeting. 

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