Call for Entries for 2017 Recruiter Hot 100 Report

This market leading report, ranking recruitment companies by gross profit per head, is about to be compiled once again by Agile intelligence. As in previous years we require the following:

  1. Full latest set of signed accounts (either filed or about to be filed).  This will be most likely for calendar 2016 or an early 2017 year end depends on your accounting period along with prior comparison year.
  2. Confirm that the above include gross profit and the total average headcount across the year of the accounts (all headcount not just fee earners).  If not please provide them separately and confirm they are accurate.
  3. Minimum criteria:  Turnover £5m; Gross Profit £1.5m; own average employees 20 (not just fee earners but ALL employees)

Please note global search / head-hunters are not to be included in the report - the metrics would not really be comparable with the UK 'recruitment industry'. 

We will then contact you with a short questionnaire, similar to previous years, to confirm your entry. Entries are now open so please send your information in to as soon as it is available and no later than 1st September. 

There is some scope for slightly later entries where Companies House filing is close-run but only by prior agreement with Agile Intelligence.