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APSCo Northern Business Forum February 2020

24 January 2020

Fresh from analysing the recruitment market and key trends to produce Recruiter's Hot 100 List for 2019, Sue's presentation to APSCo's Northern Business Forum will provide invaluable data and insight into the national and regional market.

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Hot 100 2019

05 December 2019

For the 14th consecutive year, Agile Intelligence will produce the Hot 100 report for Recruiter magazine, focusing on the UK's 100 top performing recruitment companies who continue to outpace the wider UK industry.

In December, Recruiter will preview the HOT 10 recruiters in the technology, public, professional and engineering / technical sectors before publishing the full report and HOT 100 list in January.

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APSCo Scottish Business Forum June 2019

31 May 2019

"Economic Uncertainty, Instability and a Stockpiling Boom - in these erratic times for both supply and demand of skills just what are the latest recruitment trends and can we assess their outlook?"   

This will be the focus of Agile Intelligence Director Sue Dodd's presentation to the APSCo Scottish Business Forum in June.

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Elite Leaders Member's Meeting

04 May 2018

In April, Company Director Sue Dodd gave a well-received presentation to the Elite Leaders members meeting held in London.  Further details to follow ...

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APSCo Members’ Meeting January 2018

05 January 2018

Sue Dodd will present a synopsis of the UK recruitment market at the first APSCo Members' meeting of 2018.

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APSCo Scottish Business Forum August 2017

22 July 2017

Agile Intelligence to present at the APSCo Scottish Business Forum

Sue Dodd is speaking at APSCo's Scottish Business Forum on Wednesday 23rd August in Glasgow. The following is a brief synopsis of her presentation which will include slides:

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Call for Entries for 2017 Recruiter Hot 100 Report

03 July 2017

This market leading report, ranking recruitment companies by gross profit per head, is about to be compiled once again by Agile intelligence. As in previous years we require the following:

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Agile completes 2016 Anniversary Edition of the Annual Recruiter Magazine Hot 100 Report

05 March 2017

Agile completes 2016 Anniversary Edition of the Annual Recruiter Magazine Hot 100 Report

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