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Recruiter HOT 100 Companies 2019

THE HOT 100 highlights true leaders within the industry. They present an admirable 1.9% rise in average productivity, as headcount expansion of 8.6% drives strong growth of 10.7% in net fees. It also can be attributed to the focused 'product', targeted investment, as well as the self-confidence and entrepreneurial skills of these leading recruiters.

As ever, there is a wider backdrop of external factors. Within the context of a slowing global picture, the UK economy remains subdued, with much strategic planning on hold after three years of Brexit gridlock. More widely, the global picture has deteriorated, with polarised politics, geopolitical escalations and the challenges of climate change. This has led to the cautious return of expansionary monetary policy at a time when a steady hardening had been anticipated. So in these uncertain and complex times, how have recruitment companies fared?

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APSCo's Members' Meeting January 2018

Sue Dodd's presentation at APSCo's January Members' Meeting gave a synopsis of the size and scope of the UK recruitment industry, analysing recent performance trends against a changing economic backdrop where Brexit is a key consideration.  The presentation also included a review of selected market drivers and went on to draw conclusions from activity in the second half of 2017 and to provide forecasts for 2018.

Recruiter Hot 100 Companies 2017

Since last year's HOT 100 the uncertainty that was already dominating the political-economic landscape has not stabilised. If anything, it has heightened even further …

Over the years the HOT 100 analysis has enabled an understanding of past trends, while mapping likely future ones. This single key performance indicator (KPI) of gross profit per head/ employee (GPH) encompasses so much about how a company operates - measuring its ability to extract, sustainably, the optimum performance from its own people. We have again singled out the top 20 percentage gainers in productivity ...

The recruitment companies in this year's HOT 100 can proudly claim to earn the most profit per head in the UK.

Recruiter Hot 100 Companies Report 2016

Over the past decade, the HOT 100 has outlined leading trends by analysing the collective and individual performances of the most productive recruitment companies in the UK.   The Hot 100 report for 2016 is set in the context of almost two years of political upheaval.

Educational Supply : All Change (again)

In October, Sue Dodd presented a summary of the key figures, trends and market assessment of Supply Staff to APSCo's Education Sector Group meeting.

This presentation covers an analysis of the teaching staff supply market, including spending trends and a breakdown of the target market by school phase.  The growth drivers for agency supply were reviewed in the context of economic changes, significant increases in pupil numbers and changes in educational demographics.  This in turn led to a discussion of the key challenges facing this market with emphasis on future market trends, identification of key performance indicators and subsequent benchmarking.