Our Business

Agile Intelligence uses a bespoke economic, industrial, financial and strategic framework within which it undertakes evidence-based research.  The financial and economic experience of our team then enables us to interpret this analysis in the context of commercially astute business needs, thus providing business intelligence which is both economically and statistically robust and which can be used as a basis for strategic decision-making.

There is a vast amount of data available, from Governments, industry organisations, surveys, competitor companies and elsewhere; much of it will be conflicting or not appropriate to your needs. Our job is to select and analyse only the best, most appropriate and robust data from a wide range of primary sources and analyse it intelligently to produce a clear overview of the key external factors affecting company and market performance.

Where required we will undertake our own primary research including surveys to build specific reports for clients.

Whether the need is for a subscription service, comprising carefully crafted research to provide succinct market summaries and key data analysis, a bespoke report or ongoing service specific to the client, or individual market sector reports, there is a product available to help you understand and contextualise your markets, enabling those key decisions to be properly informed.

Agile for our Clients

Our objective is to enhance our clients' business capabilities by providing access to knowledge rather than simply information.