About Us

Agile Intelligence provides market leading business intelligence and research and analysis services predominantly for the Recruitment and HR industries.

We are a small company with many years' experience in undertaking evidence-based primary research and analysis.  We have built our reputation on both the quality and agility of our work, and most importantly to us, our key values of trust and integrity. 

Agile Intelligence was founded in 2002, primarily as a direct response to the absence of any fact-based analysis available in the recruitment industry. Whilst undertaking independent consultancy for a major recruitment company, it became apparent that the research required to provide the tools for key strategic decision-making just did not exist.   Agile Intelligence was created to fill this market gap and to satisfy an increasing need for objective analysis of the maturing recruitment industry and its markets.   We now offer a comprehensive service including:

  • Economic expertise 
  • Primary research 
  • Business, market and competitive intelligence

We continue to expand our client base and have undertaken research for around a third of the largest 100 UK recruitment companies.

Our reputation has secured repeat business with some of the largest global recruitment companies, and we have sustained these valued clients for over fifteen years. 

Agile in the Market Place

We regularly present at APSCo and other industry meetings and conferences. 

We design and produce the annual Recruiter Magazine Hot 100 Report - a major analysis of the most productive recruitment companies in the UK.